The Most Tantalising Strippers in Terrigal

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Are you and the boys looking for the perfect night of pleasurable enjoyment? Then you have come to the right place. Damien’s Party have a host of gorgeous topless waitresses and strippers just waiting to give you the ultimate show. From fun and cheeky to downright dirty, we have something for everyone at Damien’s Party, […]

The Naughtiest Strippers in Nelson Bay

Newcastle Strippers, Female Strippers, topless waitresses

Looking for the sexiest girls available for a naughty night of fun in Nelson Bay? Look no further than the sumptuous beauties at Damien’s Party. We have a cast of stunning girls available to give you and your mates the ultimate show. Whatever your preference: from teasing topless waitress to downright wild shows, the girls […]

The Most Creative and Fun Buck’s Parties in Gosford

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Damien’s Party know what it takes to put on a good buck’s night. After all, we’re in the business of it, and we have a whole host of awesome and creative ideas for you and your mates to enjoy the groom’s last night of tantalising freedom with either or a combination of naughty strippers and […]

Ladies’ Night on the Water Ensures a Soaking Wet Good Time

Ladies Night Cruise, Damiens Party Entertainment

How many of you ladies have envisioned yourself in that iconic scene from the Titanic where Jack and Rose are standing at the bow of the ship, arms outstretched gloriously with the wind billowing through their hair? All of you. That’s what I thought. Well, instead of watching the movie for the 37th time and […]