The Most Tantalising Strippers in Terrigal

Are you and the boys looking for the perfect night of pleasurable enjoyment? Then you have come to the right place. Damien’s Party have a host of gorgeous topless waitresses and strippers just waiting to give you the ultimate show. From fun and cheeky to downright dirty, we have something for everyone at Damien’s Party, and it will always be naughty. We have the most gorgeous girls available in this part of the Central Coast, ready to tease and tantalise the boys of Terrigal and leave them drooling for more.

Whatever your pleasure, we’ve got you covered 

Damien’s Party isn’t here to muck around, we’re here to provide the men of Terrigal with a show they are never likely to forget. Therefore, we provide a whole host of sinful offerings so that the boys blood can get pumping and their mouths watering. From teasing to taboo, we can provide you with a night that satisfies whatever your preference is in pleasure.

We can get started with a G-string show, where one of our gorgeous babes will provide you with a 15-minute display of erotica which will end with her baring her sumptuous mounds. Cheeky, fun, and an enjoyable tease, this will get your blood pumping and wanting much more.

Then we can step it up a fair few notches with our X-rated strip show. This 30-minute show includes one of our sumptuous beauties baring everything god gave her, and providing a raunchy show complete with toys, perfect for a birthday or buck’s night.

Want to go all out? Can you handle the might of two girls going full throttle on one another? Then you might want to consider our XXX-rated lesbian show. Two of the sexiest girls in the cast at Damien’s Party provide the boys with a barely legal show that will you going absolutely wild. Toys, vibes, pearls, and sensual kissing, the more racket you make the raunchier they get, so don’t be shy, if you want the best show, make some noise for these voluptuous vixens. They are here to please, and get you going crazy. Perfect for larger functions such as end of season footy parties.

Call now, boys 

Sound like something you can handle? Are you and your mates up to the challenge of a night of sensual indulgence with the girls from Damien’s Party? Then call now on 0401 212 212, we’re waiting for you.