Ladies’ Night on the Water Ensures a Soaking Wet Good Time

How many of you ladies have envisioned yourself in that iconic scene from the Titanic where Jack and Rose are standing at the bow of the ship, arms outstretched gloriously with the wind billowing through their hair? All of you. That’s what I thought. Well, instead of watching the movie for the 37th time and screaming at the TV that two people definitely could have fit on that floating wooden door, how about you go out and find your own Jack Dawson?

Whether for a hens party, girls night out, or if you’re simply bored on a Tuesday, why not get nautical with a sexy cruise tailored specifically for the ladies? Crewed by a team of able-bodied seamen who are big believers in clothing optional uniforms, you’ll struggle to divide your gaze equally between the gorgeous sights and firm pectorals.

Boats, Biceps and Booze

The only thing better than partying with your best gal friends, is doing so on the water surrounded by jaw dropping hunks. With DJ music, drinks, cocktail dinner service, games and the option of steamy strip shows, you’ll likely never want to set foot on dry land again. Quite frankly, who could blame you? Where else will you be able to enjoy being the queens of the ocean other than a ladies’ night cruise?

Ladies’ Night on the Water

For a party that would make Poseidon himself blush, turn to the entertainment company who knows what ladies want, and delivers as promised. Damien’s Party Entertainment are running ladies’ boat cruises once a month and offer a bountiful selection of tasty extras for any promiscuous and cheeky minxes looking to have a night to remember.

You only get one hens night – hopefully

If you’ve finally agreed to tie the knot and have bestowed your maid of honour with the privilege of organising the hens night to top all hens nights, there’s really only one viable option. Whip out the pirate hat, find that dress that’s the perfect balance between slutty and respectable and get ready to feast your eyes on a boat-load of gorgeous male specimens.

Picture Magic Mike, but on a boat; picture that scene where Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator first goes back in time naked, but on a boat; picture every Zac Efron movie ever, but on a boat. This is the once in a lifetime type of party our cruises can provide.

To put it mildly – it’s essentially sex for the eyes.