Newcastle Hens Nights

Damien’s Party Entertainment provides the best services when it comes to hen’s Parties.

Getting married soon? Stumped for ideas on how to celebrate your final nights of freedom? When you’re off to start, a new walk in life, you’ll probably feel a little bit reluctant to leave your single life behind. These doubts are erased by having a bachelorette’s party that will really make the last moments of your singlehood count.

Planning a hen’s party in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley doesn’t require a lot of effort– the trick is knowing who to call. Damien’s Party Entertainment provides the best services when it comes to hen’s nights. They will provide you with a party that will truly satisfy the last days of singlehood and get you through your wedding without any regrets.

Hens party ideas

Looking for really fantastic Newcastle hen’s party ideas or even the Hunter Valley? At Damien’s Party, we will not only give you an entertaining night; we will make sure it will be worth your while. Our strippers are not simply hunks but ‘real entertainers’, trained to provide you with exciting routines that will fulfil your desires and meet your expectations. These men really know how to entertain, and will amaze you with performances like you have never seen before.

Many of our male performers have made appearances in entertainment and fashion magazines, as well as media publications, such as Cleo Magazine, Australia’s Got Talent, the ABC Hamster Wheel Production. Aside from our strippers, we also have hunks available to service you as topless waiters. These gorgeous gentlemen will keep the drinks flowing and your guests entertained all night long. 

Party with Damien’s Party Entertainment

With astonishing levels of professionalism, Damien’s Party Entertainment prides themselves on providing world class entertainers, services and equipment. Our motto, “tease not sleaze”, is not just for show – the entertainment we provide is always respectful and never seedy. We offer high class sevices that are both naughty and nice.  

You are guaranteed a hundred percent fun without having to worry about misbehaving or waking up the next morning with regrets. The professionalism of our strippers is what makes them a great idea for hen’s nights in the Hunter Valley and throughout Newcastle.

newcastle hens nights, Newcastle Strippers, Male Strippers, Topless Waiters

Enjoy the last big night of your single life, with a party that will be worth your while and free of unwanted memories. Everyone who has used our strippers and topless waiters for their hen’s night have submitted good reports about the amazing time they had with our male entertainers.  

Topless Waiters

Fancy having a couple of hot, shirtless guys serving you drinks all night? We thought you’d say, yes. Charming, charismatic and ripped, the Damien’s Party shirtless waiter crew know how to keep the drinks flowing and the mood upbeat.  All our men are selected based on their personality and their looks so there will never be a dull moment at your party. They’re happy to be photographed so you can upload those happy snaps straight to Insta and make everyone who isn’t at the party jealous. Hiring a couple of topless waiters for a couple of hours is a great way to provide a touch of class and novelty to your event.  

Male Strippers

If topless waiters aren’t exciting enough to satisfy your desire for exhilarating entertainment we’ve got Newcastle’s hottest and most sought after male strippers to really turn up the heat and get your party pumping. You and your friends will be left speechless and weak at the knees when one of our amazing lads arrives and starts his routine. We have a range of performers each with their own skill set be it dancing, comedy or a combination of the two. We guarantee that there won’t be any smut or sleaze, just high class fun for you to enjoy. Check out what our customers have had to say after witnessing some premium quality adult entertainment.

Hen's Party Activities

We’ve compiled just a few of the many hen’s party activities you can take part in on your last day of freedom. 

Damien's Party Bus

Newcastle Party Bus Amazing Number 1

Damien’s Party Bus is the ultimate way to party around Newcastle, the Hunter Valley or the Central Coast. It’s a nightclub on wheels with a pumping sound system, laser lights, a party host, and even a dance floor with a pole for you to get busy on. The bus is air conditioned for your partying pleasure. It’s available for day or night hire and we can tailor a party based on your requirements. If you’re stuck for ideas we know all the best wineries, restaurants, bars and night spots. You’ve even got the option of turning the bus from a nightclub on wheels to a strip club on wheels when you book one of our experienced entertainers to perform onboard. The guy in the picture is actually AUSTRALIA’s ONLY topless bus driver! Enquire now. 

Hunter Valley Wine Tours

If the party bus is too much for you to handle or you have a small group why not book a private wine tour of the Hunter Valley? We offer a range of out-of-the box or fully customised tours so you can experience wine, vodka, gin, cider, chocolate, cheese and all of the other amazing flavours the Hunter Valley has to offer. We can cater for groups of 6 people and over. Book a wine tour with any of our other party options and receive 10% the tour price. Check out our wine tour page for more information. 

Life Drawing

Life Drawing is just a more tasteful way of saying “drawing the naked dude in front of you then laughing at your interpretation of his penis when finished”. A life drawing class goes for between 1-1.5hrs and is guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. Your jaw muscles will also get a workout because you won’t be able to stop laughing. The studio is BYO and has a refrigerator where you can stash your beverages. Light snacks will also be provided. Damien’s Party Entertainment can schedule a Newcastle life drawing class as one of the destinations on your party bus run.

life drawing class

Burlesque Dancing Class

If you’re looking for something sexy, silly and classy at the same time a burlesque dancing class may be the hens party activity you’re after. Get dressed up in some seductive costumes and unleash your inner burlesque goddess. The best part about this activity is that you can do this in private, away from the prying eyes of the boys. Just let go and be yourself.

Hen's Party Games

Prosecco Pong – This one’s a variation of beer pong often played by men. You’ll need some ping pong balls, a table and of course some glasses of prosecco. The idea of the game is to bounce the ball across the table and have it land in one of the glasses. If you’re lucky or skillful enough to do this, the other player must drink. If you miss, you’ll be the one drinking

How Well Do You Know the Hen? – The hen writes down a list of facts and fictions about herself ie: I first kissed a boy when I was 16, or, I’ve broken my arm twice. The guests have to guess if the statements are true or false. The person with the highest score at the end wins a prize.

how well do you know the hen

Hen’s Party Dares – this is an old one but a good one! Grab a handful of cards and write a unique task on each of them. At the start of the night everyone takes a card and must complete their dare before the night is done. Some ideas include: get a photo of a man in his undies, photo with a police officer, get a stranger to buy you a drink….etc etc the list goes on and on and is only limited by your imagination.

hens party dare card deck

Hen's Party Accommodation

Newcastle has some fantastic accommodation options for your next hen’s party and has something for every budget. Check out some of our favourite options below.

Novotel Newcastle Beach
Situated smack-bang on Australia’s world famous Newcastle Beach, the Novotel is a 4.5 star rated hotel with everything you need – There’s even a day spa located next door. The modern rooms are all spacious and many of them have views of the ocean. It’s located within walking distance to shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and of course the beach. There’s an in room dining menu available 24 hours per day.

Clarendon Hotel
The Clarendon Hotel is another 4 star option but not quite as pricey as the Novotel. It’s only two kilometers from the beach but there’s a tram stop only a one minute walk away. You’ll also be able to walk across the road and be in the Honeysuckle precinct that’s loaded with restaurants, bars and cafés, plus you’ll be able to take in foreshore views while enjoying a meal. If you can’t be bothered walking a few hundred meters you can simply take the lift downstairs to the restaurant / pub within the building.

Ibis Budget Newcastle  
If you’re not looking to spend too much time in your room this is a great budget option. This 3 star property has everything that you’ll need to be comfortable. It’s only a 5 minute drive or less to entertainment options to keep you busy during your stay.  

Hen's Party Supplies

For hen’s party supplies you can’t go past Shindigs located in Lambton. They have a massive store stocked with accessories, decorations and more that you can use to liven up your night. One thing you don’t want to forget is those pink, phallic shaped straws you love to drink through. They even have those. If you can’t find what you need here you can always head online and search for whatever you need.

Reasonable rates

Looking for affordable hen’s party ideas with “real men”? Look no further than Damien’s Party Entertainment. You will be in for a great time with our sexy male strippers and waiters.

We offer package deals that will suit your budget and guarantee to give you excellent service. For hen’s night’s, we also provide a free photo shoot conducted by the Imagine Photographic, as well as a “g-string” long-stem rose with every booking. A hen’s night with Damien’s Party Entertainment can only be described in four words: “Great Party, Real Men”.

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