Buck's Party Brewery Tours for blokes

prime your taste buds & get your arse on the bus

You wouldn’t ride a bike with no seat so why hang out with pink-shirt wearing tossers at wineries when you can get loose with your mates on a brewery tour. You’ll be frothing so hard on our Hunter Valley Brewery Tours you’ll need a towel. Being men of exceptional taste and distinction, you deserve the best. Damo has hand picked the finest venues and wants you to enjoy everything these establishments have to offer. When the tasting is done and dusted it’s time to get serious. That’s where the girls come in. Yes, we’ve got those too. So if your crew is the type that can’t tell the difference between a Shiraz and a Semillon Chardonnay Cat’s Piss blend then this is the tour for you. 


These all-inclusive packages are great value and come with everything you need for a massive day on the sauce. You can choose a ready to go / out of the box option or you can customise absolutely anything and everything. Give us a call and speak with our party planner.

Mad Dog Froth 'n' Foam Tour

Pickup from Newcastle, Maitland, Hunter Valley or Coast
$ 145 from / per person
  • Visit 4 breweries
  • 4 tastings
  • FREE BONUS whiskey tasting
  • Behind the scenes tour
  • Tasty, satisfying lunch
  • Air-conditioned bus or minivan
  • Play your own music
  • Everything arranged for you
  • Pickup & drop off to your door

Transport Options

We have a range of ways to get you between venues and home again depending on the size of your group. For groups of up to 10 people we’ve got mini-vans. For larger groups it’s a 25 seater mini-bus. If you’re really looking to give the day a proper nudge you should choose one of our famous party buses. Drinking on board is permitted but rubbing one out in the corner is not.

Pimp Your Ride Upgrade Option - Mafia Van (ammo not included)

With leather seats and European styling, you’ll feel like a gangster rolling in this weapon. The main benefit we’ve found with the leather seats is that spoof wipes right off, unlike fabric where people try to rub it in and pretend nothing happened. Next minute an unsuspecting victim sits on it and the residual spoof transfers from the fabric to his pants. The moral to the story is – don’t get caught with another man’s spoof on your pants – Choose the Mafia Van and avoid embarrassment.


Brewery Tours With Premium Poon-Tang

After 20+ years of throwing mad parties Newcastle’s number 1, undisputed king of party filth, Damo knows how to throw a decent shindig and no decent shindig comes without poon-tang so take your event to the next level with a stripper or topless waitresses. 

We’ve got XXX rated strippers and topless waitresses who can appear live at your home, accommodation or on the party bus. Your jeans will need a stronger zipper. 

We’ve made booking really easy

  • Step 1: Decide on your transport & tour option
  • Step 2: Select your poon-tang 
  • Step 3: Contact us to arrange it

Buck's Party Accommodation

We’re just putting the finishing touches on our accommodation packages so you can stay in style. Get in touch for more information and we’ll work something out. 

Silicone sally real doll

We’d like you to meet Silicone Sally. She’s the closest thing you’ll get to a real woman. With a big rack, realistically styled ‘lady bits’ and two orifices any hole’s a goal. Her limbs are manouvrable so you can get her in all kinds of positions. We’ll provide her with an outfit so she’s a bit more discreet and you can take her inside venues for some hilarious photo opportunities. When the day is done and no one has picked up you can always take Sally into your room…LOL. We’re not even joking. There’s always one bloke in your group who will. We pimp out Sally for $300 overnight which is cheaper than the broth.

Newcastle Strippers