The Most Creative and Fun Buck’s Parties in Gosford

Damien’s Party know what it takes to put on a good buck’s night. After all, we’re in the business of it, and we have a whole host of awesome and creative ideas for you and your mates to enjoy the groom’s last night of tantalising freedom with either or a combination of naughty strippers and topless waitresses or even our hilarious fatagram. Whatever you and the boys need for throwing that one last wild party before your good mate gives himself over to a life of weekend gardening and dinners at the in-laws, the team at Damien’s Party can help you.

Gorgeous Strippers 

This might sound cliché, but what buck’s party isn’t complete without a beautiful stripper on call to surprise your wet blanket mate of a groom who explicitly stated that he didn’t want any strippers at his buck’s? The look a bloke gets on his face once he realises that this is potentially his last opportunity to experience this level of debauchery and get involved with the act is just absolutely priceless, and the ensuing antics of toys, teases, and last chance temptation creates memories that will stay with you and the boys for life.

Topless Waitresses 

Perhaps strippers aren’t necessarily you and the fellas’ thing, perhaps you all want to enjoy a bit of the fun and not just leave it all for the selfish groom, well then topless waitresses are the perfect thing for you and the boys. Fancy a Heineken served to you by a beautiful, brunette double D? Or a rum and coke from a perky blonde B cup? The enjoyment factor out of having topless waitresses at a buck’s party is endless, although you have to work hard not to constantly let the yes slip downwards, if you can…

Fatagram Strippers 

Definitely more on the outrageous, crazy side, this is what you might say is more ‘light-hearted fun’ than sumptuous sensuality, unless your groom is into that thing (which, of course, there is nothing wrong with!).Our Fatagram strippers BIG bubbly girls will perform a funny show like you have never seen before making everyone laugh. Fatagram strippers provide an enjoyable and carefree service for all involved. Our Fatagram girls only do topless shows nothing too naughty.

Get in Contact 

Does one, two, or even all three of these options sound like a good idea to your soon-to-be wed buck? Do you think it will make for the perfect last shindig before he turns his back on the boys and you only see him once a month for 20 minutes at a BBQ, if that? Then get in contact with the team at Damien’s Party on 0401 212 212 or fill out a booking enquiry and we can get started on organising the ultimate buck’s party you would ever hope to go to.