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Singing Telegrams

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Our singing telegrams are available in Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast and all areas in between. While they aren’t professional singers they are professional entertainers who will have you in stitches with their hilarious routines. Available for that special surprise present for your friend or loved one the singing telegram is classic performing art form and gift that’s often not thought of these days. Never mind that because they’re still as relevant as ever and they’re guaranteed to put a smile on the face of everyone in the room.

Our telegrams are available to deliver themselves to a home, workplace or absolutely anywhere you choose.  

Not only can you choose from the costumes below but we can customise a telegram for any occasion! We can customise a song or poem relevant to your party victim or you can provide us with one.

You can choose to have a standard song appropriate to your occasion or have a song hand written and personalised all about your party victim!

All routines are available from mild to wild, it’s your choice!

You can choose to have a standard song appropriate to your occasion or have a song hand written and personalised all about your party victim! 

Singing Telegrams for Sydney, Newcastle and the Central Coast

Gorilla Gram
George the gorilla can burst into your office causing mayhem and disturbing the peace. Alternatively, he can be a well-mannered, polite jungle creature who can assist with tasks. He speaks and sings with an African accent and dances. Have him arrive with flowers, cake or bunch of bananas.

Tradie Gram
In need of an unlicenced, uninsured and unqualified tradesman for your next project? The Toolman can’t wait to assist. He’s available shirtless or fully clothed wearing a beer gut. Marching in with power tools he can pretend there’s an issue with the building, pretend it the birthday person’s fault and fix it. Tradie-Gram is available fully clothed with a beer gut or shirtless with six pack abs. 

Puppy Gram
Is your office in need of something big and cute to surprise and maybe even embarrass the birthday person? Fido the puppy-gram is the most adorable and affectionate gift you can give.

Rabbit Gram
Bouncing in with a special delivery of birthday carrots, this cute rabbit is a pleasure to have around. Everyone will want him to stay a little longer as he spreads joy and cheer to everyone near!

Newcastle Strippers

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Our professional singers and song writers are available for this special surprise present for your friends or loved ones.

We can customise costumes and telegrams to match any occasion!