George the Gorilla
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We apologies george is currently not available for shows

Really surprise a friend or loved one and get George the Gorilla for any occasion. Ideal for parties at restaurants, work place or public areas. You can get George singing the appropriate occasion song or have a personalised song written for you. Performed by professional singers and song writers. 

Heres what you get with our Professional Gorilla-Gram Package

  • George the Gorilla arriving at your party or venue complete with his own Handler.
  • A bunch of fresh mixed flowers (for the girls) and a Bouquet of Balloons (for the boys) or the victims favourite drink can be organised  as a gift where possible.
  • Male party victims will also get a free copy of the latest Zoo Magazine.
  •  A personalised card for occasion
  • George singing the appropriate song for the occasion, OR a personalised hand written song about the party victim.
  • George playing guitar or Bongos (Not always used with the personalised song)
  • Photographs with George.
  • Guaranteed laughs and surprise.
  •  Party treats for the guests
George the Gorilla
George the Gorilla

Please note that the Gorilla-gram is strictly a novelty message service only and involves no stripping or nudity.

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Let George the Gorilla join your party with balloons and flowers, depending on the occasion. 

Australia’s best Gorilla-gram guarantees awesome laughs and surprise! Book now!