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Not All Party Buses Are The Same. Know What You're Getting When You Book With Us.

Air Conditioned: The Hunter Valley gets STINKING HOT! So too does Newcastle during Summer. Other party bus companies DO NOT have air conditioning so their buses are just mobile sweat tanks. All of our buses have air conditioning for your partying pleasure.


Party Host: Every trip we run comes with a party host. An onboard party host makes the day run so much smoother. They’re there to look after you and ensure you have a great experience.  Don’t party without one.


Pumping Sound:  Our buses are decked out with subwoofers, amplifiers and all the latest in audio technology so you won’t know whether you’re on a bus or in a nightclub.


Large Dance Floor & Pole: We’ve created a dedicated dance floor where you can bust moves and there’s even a pole for whatever you want to do on it 🙂 Other party buses don’t have a dance floor so you’ll be dancing in your seat or trying to get out the windows.


Awesome Drivers: Our drivers are fun, friendly and accommodating. They’re also safe and RMS accredited. 


Professional Karaoke: We’re a party entertainment company so we have a licensed karaoke setup with over 20,000 songs. The words appear on a roof-mounted TV. Two cordless microphones allow you move around the bus and sing duets.


Bluetooth Connectivity: Your phone connects to our sound system via Bluetooth so you always have it safely with you. Other buses only have aux lead connection so every time you want to play a song you’ll be running to the phone. Not only that but other party guests will have their grubby, drunk hands all over your phone when you’re not watching!


Private Party Our buses are fully sign-wrapped so the outside world can’t see in ensuring your privacy while on-board. This also enables you to have our ‘entertainers’ perform shows on the buses.


RMS Accredited: Damien’s party buses are fully accredited with the RMS and so are the drivers. This means they’re licensed and insured for your safety and peace of mind. 


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