Hunter Valley Bucks Party Bus

Hunter Valley Party Bus Awesome Number 1
Newcastle Party Bus Amazing Number 1
Newcastle Party Bus Amazing Number 1

On normal buses partying is not allowed but on ours it’s compulsory!

Your mate’s getting hitched and it’s your job to sort the entertainment for the evening so you better do a good job of it or you’ll look like a tool. You can either settle for an average night which’ll totally suck balls or you can hire the Hunter Valley Party Bus and harden the F—k Up!

The Hunter Valley Bucks Party Bus crew know where it’s at how loose you lads like to get so when you’re rolling you’ll be pleased to know that drinking, dancing & talking crap are completely fine and we encourage you to do so. Want to be loud and obnoxious? No problem. Just make sure you respect your driver and host you won’t have any issues.

Hunter Valley Bucks Party Bus Hire

This German MAN rig from the 90’s is more than a bus – it’s one hell of a mobile party venue that’s fully equipped with everything you need to get serious about your night out! 

Our bus comes decked out with the following:

  • Blue tooth Sound system for phat beats
  • Funky LED disco and laser lights
  • Dance floor so you can cut the rug while in motion
  • TV & DVD Player
  • Massive selection of Karaoke songs
  • So You’re a rubbish singer? That’s ok we have two radio microphones anyway so you and your mates can sound rubbish together
  • An esky with ice
  • FREE water to keep you going all day
  • Air conditioning
  • A driver and host who loves to party just as much as you do.

Optional extras:

The options below are a must for any bucks day and what makes our bus different from the rest.

  • One or more hot topless waitress for the WHOLE day!
  • One or more seductive strip shows
  • Hot double lesbian show
  • James the dwarf Bus conductor
  • Comedy Fatagram show

Hire a Hunter Valley Bucks Party Bus

We can either take you to all of your favourite venues and drop you home at the end of the night so you won’t have to worry about getting an Uber ride or stand in line and wait hours for a  cab where  you’ll probably try unsuccessfully to pull chicks and make an arse of yourself in the process. Don’t be worried about not getting into the venue because you’re in a large group we will contact each venue prior to the day to ensure you and your mates can get access providing you aren’t too intoxicated. 

How It Works

  • Our night trips are 6 hours and day trips 6-8hours in length
  • Night trips (fri& sat) start at 6pm and finish at 12am
  • Saturday day trips can start anytime from 9am and finish at 5pm
  • Sunday day trips start anytime from 10am and finish at 6pm
  • You nominate a pickup/drop off point and you get on there
  • The bus can hold up to 40 people but 30 is less squishy
  • The bus only is $1399 to charter
  • Food and drinks can be consumed on the bus 
  • Make sure you try to book early. The party bus craze is really catching on!
  • Underage people are welcome but only with adult supervision but cant be on board for any of the naughty shows
  • All passengers must abide by the law and our company rules.
  • Yes we can take you to No. 5. or any other lady of the night establishments!
  • Fancy dress themes are encouraged.  

Hunter Valley Party Bus Bucks Packages


$1550 Bus only with host
$2150 With host and XXX stripper
$2399 With host and topless waitress (+ $180 for night time)
$2699 With host and  XXX stripper and topless waitress (+$180 for night time) 

*Extra strippers / waitresses available upon request.

*James the Conductor our dwarf actor can be added to any of the above bucks party packages  for the whole 6 hours for only $420

*Prices above may vary depending on pickup and drop off locations

*Have your party mid-week or Sunday to receive $100 off

Minivan & Minibus Brewery Tours

Got a small group or can’t handle the extreme action of the party bus? No worries. Check out our brewery tours. You’ll be frothing! 

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