Tipping Etiquette: How Should You Tip Strippers

In the service industry, tipping on top of the normal wage rate is practically a given. While this typically applies to minimum wage earners who make around $650 per week, this is also applicable to jobs in other industries, particularly the adult entertainment industry.

Although the general figure of strippers’ weekly earnings in Australia are not definite, some of the factors that affect a stripper’s salary, apart from the hours they work, are their personality, overall look, and charm.

How you should tip strippers

If you are planning on arranging a private party with adult entertainment, you should know the proper etiquette when giving strippers proper compensation, tipping included. Just like any other workers, strippers need to be valued and given the respect any worker deserves.

Here are some tips you should know when tipping strippers in a club or a private party:

Tip strippers within the first two minutes of their show.

Generally, people should begin tipping strippers within the first minute of their show. Receiving tips during their performance sets the tone for the whole show. Spectators should begin to tuck in bills and place them in suggestive places without crossing the line between good fun and harassment. Strippers always try to incorporate getting tips into their shows, which means the more you tip, the better the show could be!

People in the front row should always tip the strippers.

If you are in the front row of a strip show, it is highly likely that you are willing to pay big money to get more attention from the strippers. As a sign of appreciation to the strippers, people staying in front of the stage should try to be as accommodating and participative as possible. That includes giving tips every now and then.

How much should you tip a Newcastle or Central Coast stripper?


Like any other workers, both male and female strippers tend to get tipped depending on their work rate and performance. The more a performer gives during his or her set, the higher their tips are. People love strippers that get them riled up and excited in the best way possible. If you think that a stripper went beyond giving you a normal performance, it is right that you compensate them by providing tips beyond your normal rate. Other factors in the tipping rate for strippers include crowd size, overall look of the stripper, and their ability to drive the audience wild with glee.

As much as possible, tip your strippers handsomely.

Most of a strippers’ salary comes from tips of their customers and regulars. This means that the amount they take home is dependent on the tips they receive. Paying handsomely to your friendly strippers is a good way to help them recuperate their losses on slow and unproductive nights.

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