Why Try a Party Bus?

Every milestone is a reason to celebrate. Going to the bar and having a house party are staples, but they’re stale. There are more exciting ways to celebrate success and to spend time with special people. If you want to have a private party, renting a party bus with a stripper is a great option.

Celebrate in style as you enjoy doing different activities in a party bus. With the different amenities in a vehicle that is perfectly designed for a party, you will certainly enjoy a whole new level of fun-filled night with your friends. The intimacy and the connection that you will have with the other people in the party bus will definitely make the night memorable.

Reasons why you should try a party ride with a stripper

A party bus will never be complete without a stripper. If you are planning to invite your friends to celebrate and enjoy the night with you on the weekend, here are the main reasons why you should upgrade and try a party ride with a stripper:

You’ll enjoy a customised party bus playlist.

Music adds to the excitement of the night. One of the perks of renting a party bus with a stripper is the freedom given to you to choose the playlist. With the whole vehicle as a venue for your private party, you can customise the music and add your own style to the theme of the party. You will be able to enjoy your favourite songs while you drink and party with your friends.

You will not only enjoy watching an exotic dance but you will also be able to dance with a stripper. With your friends as the passengers in the fully customised bus, you can freely spend the night singing and dancing.

You’ll know your friends better with party bus games.

Aside from the fancy amenities, one of the best parts of a party ride is that you can play games. You can start the night with a lap game. This is fun especially if you are planning to invite a Newcastle stripper. In this game, there is a series of questions that will be asked to the group. The answer is either a YES or a NO. If your answer is YES, you can move to the next chair. If your answer to the question is NO, you need to stay seated. Imagine how many of your friends will end up sitting on someone else’s lap.

You can also play the traditional ‘truth or shot.’ Everyone will surely have a great night and no one will be left out. You’ll know each other better after this game. This is just one way of modifying a traditional chit-chat. This game allows you to catch up with your friends.

You can drink and enjoy the ride.

Instead of staying in a single club all night, you can just rent a party bus and plan a trip with your friends. It is totally life changing to be inside the car with a glass of cocktail or a bottle of beer in your hand. It’s going to be one of the best nights with some great music playing and all your closest friends beside you.

Everything that you need to keep the party going is provided in the party bus. This makes it more convenient and enjoyable. It is more exciting because you’ll get to enjoy it with a stripper.

Complete your entertainment with Newcastle strippers and topless waitresses

If you are tired of your usual weekend party routine, you should add a little spice to the regular drinks and conversation. You can book a Newcastle stripper and enjoy a show while you relax and enjoy your beer. To make the party more exciting, you can also ask a topless waitress to serve and assist your group.

There is always a great way to make the night lively. Everyone deserves a break from their daily routine. Rent a party bus and book a stripper now.