Out of the Ordinary Hen Night Activities

Hen Night, also known as the ‘hen party’ or ‘bachelorette party’, is a party held in honour of a woman who is going get married. It is the time when the bride-to-be spends some time with her closest female friends for some fun and outrageous bonding before she enters married life.

If you are looking for out of this world ideas for your hen night activities, then you are in luck. Here are some unique activities that you can include in your party.

Pole Dancing Lessons

Dancing is one sure-fire way to have fun with your girlfriends. Hire a professional pole dancing instructor to teach you girls and the bride some sultry moves. The dance lessons can be divided into two: pole dancing and lap dancing. Shake those bodies and laugh the night away. Your men and the groom won’t know what hit them when you do your moves on them.

Belly Dancing Lessons

If pole dancing is a bit too risqué for the bride, then you can try to do some belly dancing lessons. Learn seductive moves and gyrate those hips. Work that booty and give the bride-to-be an arsenal of new sexy moves she can use in her wedding night.

50 Shades of Dominatrix Lessons

Get ready to take out those whips and cuffs ladies. If you and your girls loved 50 Shades of Grey, then you will surely enjoy and relish this unique activity. Learn the ‘basics’ of BDSM from your instructor. Your instructor, along with a ‘slave’ will show you a spanking good time. Learn the art of role playing, spanking, whipping, and restraints in this session.

Ghost Hunting

If the bride to be is a fan of horror movies or Stephen King novels, then this activity is perfect for you. Explore the streets at night and some haunted sites in your area. You can hire a ghost hunter or a paranormal expert to be your guide. Scream like high school girls and get spooked with horror ghost stories and urban legends. The chills and thrills you will experience will definitely make it a night you will never forget.

Group Psychic Reading

If the bride-to-be is a believer, then you can hire a medium to perform group and individual readings. Take a peek into your future and understand your past and your current situation. Talk with deceased friends and loved ones, or even your pets who have crossed the rainbow bridge. Have a totally out of this world experience with a psychic reading for a totally unique hen party.


Hire a Fatogram Male Model

If you think lean and muscular guys with six pack abs are a bit cliché and boring, and if the bride to be has a wonderful sense of humour, then this unique activity is definitely for you. Give everyone a great time with a fatogram male model. A fatogram model can spice up your night with a unique show – they may look like a ‘typical’ stripper, but they’ve still got the moves. Share a good laugh while your model performs for the embarrassed bride-to-be. It will surely give everyone a funny night to remember.

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