Audience Etiquette: How to Behave During a Show

how to behave in a strip show

Whether you are planning to throw a bachelor party or you are just celebrating a milestone with your friends, a stripper will make the night more interesting. Watching an exotic dance and getting a lap dance are just few of the highlights of an authentic adult party. A stripper knows exactly how to get the attention of everyone watching their show. You will definitely have the best night of your life.

Strippers are talented dancers who spend a lot of time preparing for their show. Most of them dance because it is what they really want to do. Every hip circle and every dance move is made to entertain and provide pleasure for the audience. No matter how thrilled you feel while watching an exotic dance, however, you are expected to behave appropriately.

How you should behave during a show

Whether you are in a strip club or in a private party, you should not forget to show respect to the performer. Before you go wild with the audience, here are the things that are expected from you while watching a show:

1. Put your phone away.

You may not be aware but even your small acts can also create a distraction. While the exotic dancer is trying to get your full attention, you should show some respect by putting your phone away.

The performer aims to give you the entertainment you are seeking. Do not be distracted by a call or a message while you are trying to enjoy the night. Put your phone on silent mode and try not to reach for it until the show is over.

2. Do not take a photo or record a video of the performance.

If you are thinking about taking a photo or recording a video of the stripper while she’s lost in her dance, you need to think again. These talented dancers just want to show their body and share their exotic moves to the audience who are present during their show. They do not need, or want, the exposure of your post on social media and YouTube will offer. The show is for the people in the room.

3. Watch your language.

During a lap dance, you’ll have a chance to have a private conversation with the star of the night. Make sure that you are not using disrespectful words that may affect the dancer’s sense of self. Even if you have paid for a wonderful party, you are still guided by some rules and audience etiquette. Be careful with your words and you will get the best night ever.


4. Show your appreciation.

You do not have to buy her a drink or send flowers. The best way to show your appreciation is to put few bucks inside your shirt pocket and give it as a reward after a great dance. Tip the stage; do not kill the night just by sitting there while everyone else is trying to enjoy themselves. You will surely get an extra smile from the dancer if you reach for her hand and leave some money on her palm.

5. Do not touch, kiss, or lick.

A Newcastle stripper fully understands what she is trying to do to during her show. She is aware that most of the men already want to kiss and touch her. But she is expecting everyone to treat her with respect. The show is for eye pleasure and you are not allowed to touch or kiss her even if she is flirting with you. Allow her to entertain you but make sure to keep your hands behind the chair.

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