Do Singing Telegrams Still Exist?

The idea of the singing telegram was born in 1933 when Western Union started offering this service as a way to entertain clients. This is a message that is usually given as a birthday present. Instead of giving a simple letter that contains the greetings, they turn the message into a song. The company originally thought of the idea as a way to change people’s mindset about telegrams. They wanted to erase the notion that the telegraph was only for death and other tragic news that were associated to telegraph companies.

A gift in musical form as performed by a talented artist is quite special. With singing telegrams, the songs are personalised and are usually originally composed for the recipient. The people who will be delivering the message will also dress up according to the theme or in a way that will surprise and delight the receiver.

The evolution of singing telegrams

With the introduction of telephone in the 1960s and the development of computer technology over the last few years, singing telegrams also evolved and some modifications were introduced. The main purpose is still to send greetings in a creative way, but some companies introduced different ways on how to make it more humorous. Here are some of the different changes in singing telegrams:

DIY Singing Telegram

The main idea here is to personally write a song that is focused on the person who will be celebrating a birthday or any milestone in life. A singer will be asked to sing and it will be recorded in a DVD. This way, it will be handed to the person and they will be able to listen to the personalised singing telegram anytime.

The Kissogram

This is also called the kissing telegram. Instead of sending a letter that is sealed with a kiss, you can send a greeting and ask the deliverer to give it along with a kiss. The people who are asked to deliver the message usually arrive in costume to make the event fun and memorable for the receiver.

The Stripogram

If you want to make the event fun and flirty, you can send the message along with a female or male stripper. This is one of the most popular ways to surprise someone on their birthday or bucks’ night.  The stripper will be singing and dancing as part of the package.

Make it more surprising and fun by asking the stripper to pull off a prank before delivering the message. After all, the main point of a singing telegram is to provide amusement to the person who is celebrating a birthday or any other occasion.

The rebirth of singing telegrams

In 2011, Western Union announced the official return of singing telegrams. With the changes in the modes of communication, there are new options that include the use of social media in delivering the musical message. They also introduced the new ways of delivery via e-mail and social media.

Now, there are different companies around the world that are offering this service. The scope has also expanded, and more and more people are looking forward to receiving a singing telegram during their special day. It can be sent as a congratulatory message, a gift for anniversary celebration, a birthday surprise, or just a way to make an ordinary day special. With the abundance of options on how to make singing telegram more fun, it is indeed a classic way to make someone smile.

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