6 Rules to Remember When Renting a Party Bus Newcastle

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Excited for a fun and unforgettable night on a Newcastle party bus? Before you pop open the bottles of champagne and start partying in different pubs and nightclubs, you should keep in mind five important rules when renting a party bus.

Party buses come in all shapes and sizes, but they’re all designed to carry you and a bunch of your friends for a good time. You might be renting a party bus in Newcastle for a non-stop hen’s do, or to celebrate a promotion or birthday. Whatever the case, party buses will give you that next-level continuous party experience.

Rules when renting a Newcastle party bus

Before we list down the general rules to remember while you’re on board a party bus, there are also some special dos and don’ts when it comes to the rental process.

As the party planner, you’re probably dealing with a lot of other bookings and payment concerns. A party bus rental will definitely make the transportation part of the night smoother and easier.

To make the best possible rental decision, make sure to:

1. Ask questions about the party bus.

Unlike renting normal cars, renting a party bus involves a lot of other considerations. For example, you should check out how long the business has been in the party bus rental industry, whether the party bus drivers are certified, and if there’s insurance. It’s always in your best interest to make sure the party bus is as reliable and safe as possible.

Damien’s Party Entertainment offers fun, reliable, and well-reviewed party buses for a full night of entertainment. If you are unsure of any details, just ask!

2. Check out the party bus in person.

If you’ve never been on a party bus, you’ll be better off checking out the party bus in person compared to buying it solely from online views. You can see for yourself if the party bus is top-of-the-line, if it can fit your guests, and if it has the features you need.

Make sure that the company is using actual buses and not modified vans or vehicles that may not be able to hold so many passengers.

3. Get a written contract with all the details.

Once you’ve hammered everything out, you should walk away with a written contract including the price of the rental, the tipping policy, cleaning fees for potential spills, and any on-board rules.

A written contract will also bind you to the details of your full night, like the route of the party bus, and the number of guests. It will detail the terms of the deposit, which is usually non-refundable. If you cancel at the last minute, it’s unlikely that you’ll get that deposit back. However, there may be delays or cancellations which is the fault of the party bus company.

Rules on-board a Newcastle party bus

Before you finalise your rental, make sure you and your guests understand and commit to these on-board rules.

No smoking on the party bus

Imagine entering a party bus for the first time and smelling the traces of smoke previous guests left behind – not the best experience!

For the health and safety of everyone involved, make sure you don’t smoke on the bus.

No illegal drugs permitted on the party bus

Letting loose with some drinks is all well and good, but it’s never a good idea to take illegal drugs on a party bus.

No tampering with party bus electronics and accessories

The sounds and lights system is there for everyone to enjoy. After a full night of fun and drinking, it might be difficult to keep your hands to yourself. Make sure everyone remembers to stay away from the important wires and buttons!


Get ready for a fun night on a Newcastle party bus

Your safety and fun are the top priorities of the party bus company.

With professional and licensed drivers, great entertainment systems, and good customer service, you can enjoy a smooth night on a Newcastle party bus. Contact us at 0401212212 today to book a Newcastle or Hunter party bus!