Who Should Plan the Newcastle Hens Night?

newcastle hens night

“I’m getting married!” After an announcement from the bride-and-groom-to-be, there’s always a flurry of activity. People are excited and start asking questions: When’s the wedding? What’s the theme for the venue and dresses? Who’s invited? But there’s one question people will definitely ask (and even fight over) – who’s planning the hen’s night?

There are so many options to consider. Here’s a quick rundown of what the hen’s night would look like with different women in charge.

The Bride

Enter Bridezilla! In an age where bridesmaids are usually the ones who are in control of the wonders of a Newcastle hen’s night, there are some brides who don’t want to give up any control. On the other hand, maybe they just don’t trust any of their bridesmaids to get the job done? Kidding.

Pros of the bride planner

The bride setting up the party is one sure way to set up the dream hen’s night. There’s no chance of any bridesmaids making a mistake with the theme or concept, because the bride has full control of the itinerary. You won’t have to deal with a night of alcohol and strippers if you don’t want to.

Sometimes, it’s also not about wanting control of everything. Maybe you wish your bridesmaids would step up and plan your hen do, but none of them are interested or free for some extra planning.

Cons of the bride planner

On the other side, having the bride plan the hen do goes against one of the biggest features of a proper hens night: surprise. While bridesmaids and hens party planners usually consult with brides about the theme and wildness level of the night, there’s almost always room for spontaneity and surprise. With the bride at the helm, everything’s set out and predictable.

Plus, the hen’s night is supposed to give the bride a chance to relax and be a little loose before the big day. That’s unlikely to happen with you stressing over the little details.

The mum

Imagine your Newcastle hens night: trawling through the city streets, hitting all the night clubs, hiring some topless waiters… wait, what? While many mums are down to party and go wild all night long, the thought of your mum planning some sexy entertainment is a bit weird.

Pros of the mum planner

Not to push any stereotypes or anything, but mums are ace at organisation. You won’t have to worry about late bookings or overdue payments with your mum handling the party.

Cons of the mum planner

Your mum possibly hiring male strippers… enough said.

The best friend

The best friend or maid of honour is almost always the main culprit when it comes to planning a Newcastle hen’s night. The possibilities are endless at the hands of your closest girl.

It’s practically the biggest responsibility associated with being the maid of honour, and it’s probably one of the reasons why sisters and friends fight over the position. The chance to hold the biggest and wildest party ever can’t be missed.



Pros of the best friend planner

With your best friend at the helm, you can embrace the chaos with no fear! Best friends, whether they’re your sister, college roommate, or co-worker, know you best. They also know enough to throw you a full night of bingeing or a sober adventure, depending on what you want.

Your best friend is also definitely driven by a commitment to your happiness, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Cons of the best friend planner

As of right now… none. Unless you count big surprises and unexpected outings as a con!

Random guest

It’s not your sister, your best friend, your mum, or your cousin… it’s just one of the girls from your guest list. When she’s the only one available, what can you do?

Pros of the random guest planner

The number one pro of pulling just about anyone to plan your hen’s night? At least you’re not the one doing it. If you’re too busy to plan your hen’s night and no one else can step up, having anyone at all is a big help.

Having someone you’re not close to as the chief planner is also all sorts of exciting. Will you get a random adult show, a skydiving experience, or a lazy night in?

Cons of the random guest planner

With a girl you barely know in charge (maybe she’s a distant cousin or a new co-worker), you’re opening yourself up to a lot of potential trouble and awkward situations. Luckily, you can point her to sources for planning tips or for some unspoken rules for hens party planning.

Ready for the Newcastle hens party?

Whether it’s your maid of honour, sister, mum, or best friend planning your hen’s party, they can find classy and sophisticated entertainment services from Damien’s Party Entertainment. With our commitment to throwing a party to remember, no one will go home disappointed.