Guide to Throwing the Best Buck’s Night for your Best Mate


Bachelor parties go way back to the ancient times. The idea started with the Spartans in the 5th century B.C., where they would hold a dinner for the groom-to-be. The night would include feasting and the raising of toasts for the man about to be married.

Being chosen as your mate’s Best Man in his upcoming wedding entails many responsibilities. One of them is making sure that he gets the most amazing buck’s party in town before he enters married life. It can be quite a daunting task but we are here to help you plan the party your friends will talk about for a long time.

Remember the star of the party.

Plan and build the party with the groom-to-be in mind. Think of what would delight and entertain your best mate. Include his favourite activities, and favourite food and drinks. If he likes poker, then make sure to include it in the night’s activities. Include all his favourites in the menu, from the main course to the drinks. It is his night, after all. If you want to create a lasting and unforgettable impression to your mate, make sure the party is catered to his tastes.

Invite the people he wants to be there.

Make sure to include the people the groom wants to be in his party. Send a survey to the list of people your mate gives you to get the best date and location that will work with the majority. You might be tempted to make it a destination event. Remember, however, that people will always be more important than places. Great people can make the party fun and memorable.

Do not pack too many activities into the night.

You might be tempted to fill every minute and second of your buck’s party with activity. Don’t. It is okay to leave some space between each activity. Some chill time is perfectly okay. This will give the groom-to-be some time to mingle with the attendees, lounge around, and have some drinks.

Consider your budget.

Before you go all out, think about how much money you have for the party. You can contact all the groom’s male friends and ask the amount they are willing to shell out. You can work out everything once you have a clear idea of your capacity to spend.

Organise ahead of time.

Nothing good ever comes out from something that is rushed. Make the experience for everyone smooth and easy. Set the date in advance so the invitees can also clear their schedules. Make the necessary reservations for the location, the food, and other services so you get the best options. You can ask the groom’s other close pals for help during the planning and execution stages. You can also involve any brothers in the planning stage.


Hire Newcastle female strippers and topless waitresses.

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Allow your mates to raise toasts for the groom-to-be.

Make the party more memorable by asking everyone to raise a toast for the groom. Ask the attendees to share a memorable experience they have with the groom-to-be. Tell the invitees ahead of time so they can prepare (or they can refuse). Men are not usually the type to openly share, and that is just fine. You can encourage the other guys to share by going first.

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