Best Themes for a Hen’s Party Bus Night

Do you have too many ideas for your bachelorette party or girls’ night out? Can’t decide whether to have your ladies’ night at a bar, spa, restaurant, or night club? Or perhaps, your girlfriends will get easily bored between places? Why not do everything and make the most out of your night? With a hen’s party bus, you can travel from one place to another while having fun in between your destinations.

Party buses are not your ordinary buses – they’re a nightclub on wheels, a perfect vehicle for your ladies’ night, from bachelorette’s party to a girl’s night out. And, as with other nightclubs, you can plan your hen’s party bus!

Make your hen’s party a night to remember by personalising it with a theme. Once you pick your theme, you can let your imagination run wild in planning the dresses, decorations, activities, and games that you will enjoy. Because of the unlimited options of themes that go along with a party bus, coming up with your own theme is the most difficult part in planning for your hen’s night.

No worries! We have some ideas for your themes that will make you plan the night a lot easier.

Hollywood theme

For ladies who idolise their favourite superstars, experiencing the glitz and glamour of being a celebrity is one of their wildest dreams. Make this dream come true with a celebrity-themed hen’s night!

Dress up as your favourite stars and own the night, just as how your favourite stars own the red carpet. Enjoy your night as we take you to a fine dining restaurant, a casino, or other classy venues. Afterwards, return to the party bus and bath in the bright lights. Make it more interesting and hire Newcastle male strippers who will be there waiting for you on the bus.

Disney Princess theme

Bachelorette parties celebrate how a young and beautiful princess met their own prince charming. Does that story sound so familiar? Yes, and just the thought of it brings back all the childhood fairy tales you hear growing up.

As the bride to be gets to live her happily-ever-after love story, make it more magical by throwing a Disney princess themed hen’s night. Combine it with a marathon of your favourite flicks, glasses of wine served to you by our handsome topless waiters, and topped with a performance from handsome male strippers in charming attire, the bride-to-be and the guests will surely live their wildest fantasies.

Hawaiian theme

Have you and your ladies just been through a stressful week of work? Or perhaps the bride-to-be faces too much stress and pressure in the days before her wedding? Relax, unwind, and let the waves crash over you with a Hawaiian themed hen’s night.

Dress up in a hula costume and flaunt that body! You may treat yourself at a spa, a tropical restaurant or bar, or even a beach. Then let our topless waiters serve you amazing cocktails to get along with the theme.


Nightclub theme

Why is the nightclub theme in this list, you may ask. Well, as they say, nothing beats the classics. Since party buses are nightclubs on wheels, why not let it live up to its name and experience a familiar set-up in a different ambience?

Come in wearing your party clothes and enjoy a ladies’ night where you are free to do whatever you want! Catch up, sing karaoke, watch movies, enjoy cocktails, and dance all night long – anything that your heart desires.

Now that you have an idea on what themes you may choose, we will leave the rest to your imagination.

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