Checklist to Making Your Party Bus Rental Silky Smooth


Are you celebrating your birthday? Want to throw a hens’ party or bucks’ night? Make your celebration more memorable by booking a Newcastle party bus. Celebrating with your friends is definitely a great way to mark an occasion. But when you consider throwing a party bus into the equation, you will surely have a party that’s one for the books. Consider: you’re hitting two birds with one stone because you’re travelling and partying at the same time!

Party bus checklist for the best party planners

Before you get on your party vibe, make sure that everything is set so that your party bus rental will be silky smooth. To help you out, we’re prepared a party bus checklist below.

1. Finalise headcount

They say that the more, the merrier. A party bus can definitely accommodate a lot of people, but make sure you’re booking the correct party bus size based on your final headcount. It’s essential to let the organiser know the final headcount to check if your desired party bus will be perfect for your group.

2. Plan your itinerary ahead

Whether you want to watch a concert, enjoy a game, or go on a classic bar-hopping with your friends, you need to make sure that your itinerary is already set before your party date. It’s best to write out a detailed itinerary so that everyone knows what’s happening. Make sure to inform the party bus too to avoid any mishaps during your trip.

3. Prepare all the necessary documents

Just to be sure, bring your proof of booking and a copy of the deposit as proof of your payment. You don’t want to encounter any difficulties during your party so best to come prepared with the necessary documents.

4. Let the party bus know of any special requirements.

Do you need two sets of microphones? Are you going to bring DVDs of your favourite artist? Will you need an extension cord? Make sure to inform the party bus organiser days before your party. This way, all the needed equipment and gadget can be prepared beforehand. The music will help set the mood of your party, you don’t want your prepared playlists to go to waste just because there’s no music player available on the party bus.


5. Confirm your guests’ pickup and drop-off points.

Arranging a party for a big group can be challenging. How will you get everyone to arrive on time? Pro tip, tell your guests to come earlier than the scheduled departure, this way you’ll know that you can start the party on time. You can arrive early to welcome your guests and hang out while waiting for the others.

6. Follow the dress code.

When you’ve identified your itinerary and pinpointed your desired destinations, make sure to call them ahead to check for their dress code. Don’t forget to share this information with your guests to avoid anyone from being excluded from all the fun.

7. Remind your friends to bring their ID.

ID.’s are essential if you’re going into a club. When you mention to your friends the required dress code, make sure to remind them to bring their ID’s too. Don’t let a piece of plastic dampen the mood of your party. You don’t want to leave someone behind because they left their ID at home or were not aware that it was needed.

8. Confirm BYO policy.

Check with the party bus if they’re implementing a BYO policy. If yes, make sure to come prepared with the allowed alcohol for your party. Double check if they have complimentary spring water to keep you hydrated while you party. Some party buses provide this with their BYO policy.

Make sure to iron out all the details for your party so that everything goes smoothly.

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