2 wineries 2 breweries

2 Wineries 2 Breweries

6 - 30+ guests

Recommended For

Groups who need different tastes catered for. Keep everyone happy with this absolute gem of a tour!

Tour Duration

7hr approximately

Tour Duration

Pricing from only $145 depending on group size.


  • Tastings at 2 wineries 
  • Tastings at 2 breweries (wine also available at these venues)
  • Lunch + drink
  • Stop at the cheese &/or chocolate shop (optional)
  • Consult with our tour planner


  • Vehicle & friendly driver
  • Pickup & return to your accommodation (within 20mins of Pokolbin. Charges apply for other areas)
  • Play your own music [BYO speaker]
  • Drink on the way home
  • Everything arranged for you so all you need to do is get on the bus!

Lunch Options

4 Pines at The Farm (included)
Tour group menu. Friendly atmosphere, party vibe and a view at the Hunter’s #1 brewery. Includes a drink. menu.

Secret Venue (included)
This timber, farm house style building with a large deck and lush grassed area is set among the vines. Includes a drink. Tapas, Pizza, Charcuterie Tour group menu included.

Lunch + Wine @ Twine Restaurant (+$10pp)
Enjoy an amazing lunch by the award winning Twine Restaurant, featuring local produce.  (menu)

For any of the above options you can also choose the a la carte menu and pay on the day. We take $25 off the per person price.

Choose Your Own Restaurant
Want something completely different? You can choose from the excellent selection of Restaurants in the Hunter. In this case we take $25 off the per person price of the tour and you pay for your lunch on the day. We’ll make the booking for you.

Other Options

What Kind of Day Would You Like To Have?
Would you prefer a chilled, classy day out or would you like more of a party vibe? Regardless of what you want, we know all of the best venues!

Cheese &/or Chocolate Shop Stop

You have the option of stopping at the cheese &/or chocolate shop at the end of the day. We recommend one or the other. If you have a large group we recommend not selecting this option.

Cheese & Chocolate Tasting

A seated cheese & chocolate tasting. Free of charge.

Wine Cocktail Making (+$15pp)
Learn how to blend five wines & five spirits to create sophisticated wine cocktails! We show you how to take fun spirits we’ve sourced from all over and blend with with our wines to create the perfect, stylish wine cocktail.

Charcuterie  Boards
Add a plate of local meats, cheese & condiments to your day. 1 x $40 plate will feed between 2-4 people. A great way to start the day!

Swap a Winery for a Distillery
Too much wine? No worries. Swap a winery for a distillery.

Cider Tasting

Swap a winery for a cider tasting (+$5pp)

Cocktail Stop
Swap a winery and visit the Valley’s #1 cocktail destination (+$10pp)

Suggest Something
Want to visit your favourite venue or maybe there’s one you’re dying to try? Whatever it is just let us know and We’ll try to make it work for you.

Notes on Booking

Pickup Time
10am is NOT your pickup time – it’s the first venue time. Your pickup time is determined by how long it takes to get from your pickup point to the first venue. If you’re 15 mins away from the first venue, your pickup time is 9:45am so you make it by 10am.

Guest Numbers
When you make the booking simply select the number of people you think will be attending. You are NOT locked into paying for that number if less people confirm but please note that less people can mean a higher per-person price.

Only $250 is required to place a booking and secure your tour. The remainder is due 30 days prior to the tour date.



Pricing & How to Book

To book, simply pay $250 deposit and we’ll update your order with the remaining balance.

Pricing depends on number of people and who’s drinking what so please contact us for a quote. You can use the below as a guide but  these are maximum prices. 

Group of 4 – $299pp
Group of 5 – $265pp
Group of 6 – $245pp
Group of 7 to 8 – $225pp
Group of 9 to 11 – $195
Group of 12 to 14 – $185pp
Group of 15 to 19 – $175pp
Group of 20 to 22 – $165pp
Group of 23 to 24 – $155pp
Group of 25+ – $145pp

Location Charges
List of locations and charges here


Burning Desire To Ask us Something?

Fill out the contact form or give us a call on 0480 451 733 (before 7pm)