Why a Karaoke Party Bus is the Best Idea Ever

why newcastle party bus karaoke is the best idea ever

Sing your hearts out aboard a Newcastle party bus!

A party on a karaoke party bus is a party like no other. If you’re looking for a perfect way to celebrate someone’s birthday, wedding, promotion, or graduation, and if you love to sing and dance, then you are guaranteed to have an amazing time on a Newcastle party bus.

This is like your own private party and excursion rolled into one. Here are five reasons why this is the best idea ever.

1. You can sing your heart out among friends.


Because a karaoke party bus is a private venue for hire, you basically know everyone who will be there. If you’re shy about singing in public, as most karaoke bars usually are, you won’t have this problem in a party bus.

Let your hair down. Sing your heart out. Dance without inhibitions in your Newcastle party bus hire. You might not be the best singer or dancer in the group, but that won’t matter. What matters is that you have fun with your friends, and you can let loose and go crazy with them.

2. You don’t have to wait forever to sing.


At regular karaoke bars, you usually have to wait for hours before you get your turn at the mic. You’re also likely going to be able to sing one or two songs only because there’s a long list of people still waiting for their chance.

If you’re in a karaoke party bus, there are no time constraints, and you only have to take turns among friends. You could even hog the mic if you’ve got really good friends who will allow you to indulge at the karaoke.

3. You can customise the song selections.


The song selections in a karaoke party bus come from you and your guests. As such, the playlist is filled with just the favourites. This is part of the service of a premiere party bus, and all you need to do is to provide the party bus operator or the organiser with a list of songs a couple of weeks ahead of the party.

There’s no time wasted going through a playlist full of songs that you or your guests don’t recognise or you don’t like. If all your favourites are there, the party’s momentum will keep going and going.

4. You travel around the city while signing.


As a child, did you go on school field trips and sang with your classmates during the bus rides? Remember this fun feeling of singing out loud as the bus rolled along? It’s the same feeling when you’re inside a party bus while you head to one party destination after the other – all while you and your friends engage in group singing. How much fun would that be?

What makes this trip even more special is the party bus is designed with custom lights, a state-of-the-art sound system, and comfortable air-conditioning. It’s a total party vibe that will help make the night unforgettable for you and your friends!

5. You can keep partying without any distractions.


You can definitely avoid any hassle and distraction by having the party inside a party bus. With a designated driver on the wheel, you won’t have to worry about parking, traffic, or finding the location.

The food and drinks are also prepared and set ahead inside the party bus. You can even hire a special wait staff so you won’t have to worry about serving your guests. Just show up at the party and focus on having a good time!

Let Damien’s Party Entertainment provide your Newcastle party bus needs!

Before hiring a Newcastle karaoke party bus, ensure that the quality of the audio and video system is top notch and working well. You could ask to inspect the facilities first to see what the party bus provides.

If you are considering hiring Damian’s Party Entertainment services, we’d be happy to set up your party bus. Tell us how we can get your party rolling by giving us a call at 0401212212.