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On normal buses partying is not allowed but on ours it’s compulsory! Click below to learn more!

Celebrate your last days as a bachelor. Bring one or more of our hottest strippers along on the ride! 

We will not only give you an entertaining night; we will make sure it will be worth your while.  

From mild to wild we have lots of female strippers to make your party sizzling hot!

Need something fun and flirty without getting yourself  into too much trouble at your next party? 

For the best of the undressed, our male strippers will do a high class non sleazy strip routine for your party.

Damien’s Party Entertainment is also a unique talent agent representing Dwarfs and Little people.

For something absolutely outrageous, shocking and different, this is a must for you! 

Watch the look on your friends face as they see our Grannygram enter the room.

Here is girls they call him “Shortznegger” Shane, he may be little but he is a mountain of muscle. 

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Damien’s Party Entertainment is Australia’s number one adult entertainment company. We provide male and female strippers, topless male and female waitresses, fatagrams, dwarf strippers, granny-grams, and more!